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                                                                                Dena Bonner

                   Dena Bonner Graduated USC , 1987 - with a B.A. in Communications. She has Good Oral and Written Communication and is able to speak and write in various languages : Spanish , French , some Japanese , and some ASL ( American Sign Language ) .

                         Dena was a Public Access Intern for , Group W Cable Company , Gardena CA. in the late 1980's. She recieved radio training from ARN ( American Radio Network ) under the instructions of the late , Ted Green.  She recieved further training from MJ Lailo Productions , Burbank CA in the early 90's . Her last bit of training came from ALISO Creek Productions . Dena worked for one night as a fill - in Lighting Specialist at the Florida Emmy Awards In the Late 80's in Miami FL. She was a Guest Lecturer at Cal State L.A. College , in Los Angeles CA the topic was Theoretical Communications. She worked as a temp for WTT ( Williams Televison Time ) .

                          She was a Tele - Communications Operator with AT&T she was responsible for handling ship to shore , air to ground , marine , vessel assist and coast guard phone traffic . She worked for KFI 640 Radio as an intern tape editor / engineer. 

PPG - $75.00 Plus