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                 Tyler Bodine aka The American Outlaw

                         The American Outlaw Tyler Bodine
                       Laredo TX         6'2               295lbs
                             Trained by WWE Wrestler Ali

      Territories Worked  Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, Indiana, Wyoming,                           Nebraska, Minnesota, and Tennessee.

 Hardcore matches minus light tubes, Bullrope, Steel Cage, Street Fight, First Blood, No DQ, Tag, Intergender, Intergender Tag, Mixed Tags, Last Man Standing, 2 out of 3 Falls, Tables Ladders and Chairs Matches and many more. 

       Seminars attended include Tracy Smothers, Jerry Lynn, Jonathan Gresham, JJ Dillon and Tully Blanchard

Currently working with DC Productions as of 4/26/20 for Bookings and Promotions future signing under negotiation

 PPG - $500.00 Plus